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loans for bad credit

loans for bad credit

loans for bad credit

loans for bad credit

loans for bad credit
loans for bad credit


Why Trust Us?

We provide you with quick, affordable loans that carry no hidden charges. Here are some of the reasons why Keys Funding Group is your ideal go-to place when you need a loan for your business.


Unsecured Funding.

We do not ask for collateral or guarantors before giving you the loan. We do not rely on your property or assets as security for the loan. We assess your business individually and discuss with you the options available.
We understand that every business has unique financial needs. As such, we take our time to study and understand that nature of your business. Therefore, you do not have to worry about having to put your property or other assets on the line for you to receive a loan.

Get approved in hours.

We do not engage in long processes before approval. We understand that your business needs working capital for smooth operation. Unlike many lenders who a lot of time before approving a loan, we only need a few hours to approve the loan. Ideally, the funds will be transferred to you immediately after approval. After approval, we transfer the cash instantly. How fast you receive the money will rely on your bank’s policy. The good thing is that many banks have structures in place to allow for quick transfers, meaning that you will receive your money instantly.

Receive funds quickly

We understand that most businesses will apply for loans in times of emergency. That is why we approve and send funds quickly, knowing that delaying the disbursement can only worsen the situation. A delay can bring your business down. Your bank’s policy will always determine how fast you will receive your cash. Many banks allow instant transfers, making it possible for you to receive funds quickly. You do not have to worry when you need emergency cash. Keys Funding Group will ensure that you receive your money when you need it, to keep your business operating.

When bank says NO! We say YES!

Call back same day.

We value every client. As a result, we take every loan application seriously. When you apply for a loan, one of our cash advance consultants will always reach out to discuss your loan options. We guarantee you that the consultant will reach out to you on the same day you apply. Our cash advance consultants are friendly individuals who exhibit a lot of professionalism. Once the consultant discusses with you the available options, you can settle for one. The good thing is that they can also help you pick the best option for yourself.

Pre-qualified within 24 hours.

The information you provide to Keys Funding Group about your business will determine the amount of money we can lend you. The good thing is that we do not ask for many details that you may deem irrelevant. Because we only need a few details, we take a little time to process. With Keys Funding Group, you get prequalified within 24 hours. The short prequalification process ensures that we quickly determine the amount we can lend and disburse it fast. It ensures that the money reaches you within a short time, and you can use it for your emergency issues.

Get a Loan Today

Do you need a quick loan for your business today? Do you want to apply for a loan without providing collateral? Keys Funding Group is here to attend to your needs. We guarantee you quick loans at fair rates and with no hidden fees. The application process is simple and will take you only a few minutes. One good thing with the loans we provide is that you do not have to set a minimum monthly payment amount. We understand how challenging it is to run a business. Therefore, you can repay with any amount that is comfortable for you.

Our Skills & Expertise

Keys Funding Group is an established industry leader in providing working capital in the form of a cash advance to small and medium-sized businesses. We offer businesses a welcomed alternative to traditional bank loans with our unsecured cash advance that provides convenience and security with out the strict requirements. Small and medium-sized business owners will find our unsecured cash advance program simple to set up, with our cash advance consultants always on call to serve the client’s needs. With easy requirements to fulfill, a quick window for approval and funding of up to $1,000,000. Businesses can immediately receive their working capital in as short as a few days.

loans for bad credit

loans for bad credit

loans for bad credit
loans for bad credit

During covid19 we were having a very stress situation and in the mean time the demand of medical equipment were very high. We fell short on cash while too many orders in queue  and we need quick cash. Keys funding came up like relief and get us the money within one business days. Highly recommended.

Jensen Medical Equipments

The business was great, But we need to open a new location and need some equipment. We got a call from a gentleman says he works for keys funding. We were not in hurry, But if we get the desired funds we could start asap. We got funded in less than 18 hours! It was amazing how quick they respond. Great!

Hiro Sushi Music Cafe